Karen Civil + Lil Wayne Give Back to 500 Students in Haiti [By: Bazey]

Media Maven, Karen Civil and rap superstar, Lil Wayne, spread the holiday cheer to 500 students in Haiti this past weekend. The Live Civil Christmas Giveaway gifted children with outfits from Lil Wayne’s clothing line, Trukfit and special edition Live Civil … Continue reading Karen Civil + Lil Wayne Give Back to 500 Students in Haiti [By: Bazey]

Chopping it Up With Luke Christopher: Musical Influences, Remaining Humble +

Luke Christopher is an artist on the rise hailing from San Fernando Valley. Christopher is a rapper/singer/producer signed to RCA records. Christopher began rapping in his early education years and began taking it more seriously by age 15. This proved … Continue reading Chopping it Up With Luke Christopher: Musical Influences, Remaining Humble +

Wombman Female by Kamaria Ellerbe #LoveThyWoman

What defines me Am I A Woman?  Phonetically I am MAN of The womb Biblically I am the .. Help mate Universally, I am the creator. Deep within this vessel holds the seeds to all of humanity Some they call me Mother nature, Because I nurture And water love on all my children And even if I’m barren, or chestless Not curvaceous and a sexist I AM a woman. Booty meat and twinkling eyes Perfect smile round hips and thighs I’m more than what you see  get over meat I am a womb-man Favor is deceitful and beauty is fleeting All things cycle with … Continue reading Wombman Female by Kamaria Ellerbe #LoveThyWoman

#LoveThyWoman| Robin Butler

As a woman, I am a limitless and infinite human being who’s always becoming greater in this universe. I am Robin Butler, a natural hair care specialist/ educator licensed in North Carolina and owner of Created Coily Inc. As a proud alumnus of the Illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, excellence breeds through my personal and professional brands of success. My holistic view on natural beauty & healthy hair development stems from my lifestyle focusing on the balance of mind, body, and spirit. Our hair style is simply an expression of our inner minds. As I often teach clients and students to master the … Continue reading #LoveThyWoman| Robin Butler

#LoveThyWoman- Janay Graham

Favorite Scripture: Psalms 46:5 “God is within her, she will not fail”. Janay is a junior Public Relations student at the great HBCU North Carolina A&T State University. Janay has high aspirations of becoming an entertainment publicist. With a true love and passion for helping people, Janay tries to remain busy to help build her resume. Janay currently serves on 100 Collegiate Women of NCAT e-board as the PR Social Media Chairperson. She is a member of Bombshells in Business & PRSSA. In addition to these organizations she is publicist for P.O.L.A.R. Janay loves everything about PR, however this field … Continue reading #LoveThyWoman- Janay Graham

#LoveTheWoman|Alex Vaughn

This is Alex Vaughn. She is a 20 year old singer- songwriter- pianist from the DMV area with aspirations of becoming the next big R&B/ Hip Hop star!! She’s been singing & playing since she was 2 years old & began writing after her first heartbreak at age 15. To pursue her dreams, she has been writing songs for herself and others while working in the studio towards very first project (TBA). She also posts youtube videos and covers every Thursday… so be sure to check that out too! “Trying to brand yourself is so much tougher than anyone would ever … Continue reading #LoveTheWoman|Alex Vaughn

#BlackLove- Rob & Cam

Q: How do you describe your #BlackLove? A: Unconditional.Plain & Simple. Q:How do you keep #BlackLove alive in your relationship? A:We communicate so we are able to withstand any obstacle thrown our way.Relationships are easy to make but hard to break.But we are not perfect,we just treat everything as a learning lesson. Q: Why is your mate your perfect #BlackLove? (answered by both significant others) A: Cameron)-I think Rob is perfect for me because he gets me like no one else.He is literally my conscience.He knows me inside and out and I love him because of that. (Rob)- I think … Continue reading #BlackLove- Rob & Cam

#BlackLove- Kiyah & BJ

Q: How would you describe your #BlackLove? A:Our #BlackLove was completely unexpected. We both didn’t realize that we were unknowingly looking for someone until we met one another. In a very short while we both fell very quickly. Our #BlackLove is about patience, understanding, communication, and most importantly being ourselves! Q: How do you keep #BlackLove alive in your relationship? A:We keep our #BlackLove alive by just being our honest selves, exploring, and learn new things together. Most importantly we communicate. Q: Why is your mate your perfect #BlackLove? A: He is my perfect #BlackLove because he understands me and … Continue reading #BlackLove- Kiyah & BJ

Bae-Less on V-Day :(

Another year, another Valentine’s Day. Bring in the heart-shaped candies, assorted color teddy bear’s, and mushy greeting cards! Prepare for lovey-dovey social media post and ridiculous wait times at your favorite restaurants. If you’re anything like me, you’ll just take this Saturday to be confined to your bed with your favorite ice cream and a Netflix binge. Yep! That sounds about right! Ugh!! So much to take in and keep in mind it’s not just one day, the V-Day bug will begin to buzz as soon as February 1st hits, then it will somehow make babies, make a tsunami swarm … Continue reading Bae-Less on V-Day 😦