TBA 2.0

When I first started my blog I had absolutely no plan. All I knew was I was in love with entertainment news and I was going to be an entertainment journalist no matter what. I started TBA with the intention of being an entertainment news powerhouse. I was going to take the industry by storm and that would be all she wrote. However, things did not turn out that way. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gained a lot of success from TBA. I was featured on TMZ Live. I was an entertainment news contributor for Rocsi Diaz. I’ve hosted events, I’ve gained the attention of celebrities, and more. For a small blog with not that large of a following TBA was doing pretty well. Still I was not happy. So many great things were happening. I had a great team and I had the support of my peers. Still I was not happy. TBA has had many hiatuses because of my unhappiness. I felt bad about this because I felt I let my team down and that I let my supporters down, but still I could not find the same love for TBA that I had once before. Still to this day I can not find the same love for TBA that I once had.

Actually, let me clarify. I love The Bazey Address. I love my brand! It’s mine. I worked hard for it and I built it and I put everything I had into it. However, I did not like the content that TBA was producing. Anyone that follows the page and knows me knows that I am a “nice newsie.” Meaning I don’t do the slander and negativity when it comes to writing my stories and posting about celebs. One reason for this is I think it’s just mean and unnecessary. The other reason is because as I mentioned before I wanted to work in the industry. TBA was always more than just a blog to me. It was a segway. I wasn’t going to allow loose lips and unsolicited opinions get in the way of my opportunities. So it seems that I’m doing everything right, right? Yet I am still not happy. Back to the content. Better yet back to not having a plan. In my mind I had a vision for TBA however, I failed myself when I failed to plan. I couldn’t properly execute my vision because I had no plan to back it up. In a nutshell, TBA didn’t become what I wanted it to be for many reasons and one of those reasons was again–I had no plan.

What I wanted from TBA was to create a community. I wanted to show love to unsigned artists, and up and coming designers and entrepreneurs. I wanted to be apart of social change and the community. I have done some of these things, but not on the scale that I thought I would. I know the people in the back are like “just do it if that’s what you want to do.” That’s easier said than done sometimes. I fell into a lane and my biggest struggle was mentally getting myself out of that lane. In addition to really figuring out how to get out of that lane. I finally figured out how to do that and step one is to start over.

When I say start over, I don’t mean new site, new insta, etc. What I mean is mentally I am starting anew. I have wiped the TBA slate and it is now clean and clear. My new canvas is ready to be turned into a masterpiece and and I am Bazey Van Gogh. I feel good. I feel confident. I also feel scared, but I am of course excited. TBA is still TBA, but I’m changing somethings.

Firstly, minimizing in areas that need to be “polished.” You may or may not notice those changes because they are kinda personal to me. Next, the CONTENT! I can notttttt do just entertainment anymore. My spirit has been tugging at me for a while now about the content for this site and I have decided that I will incorporate more personal posts. This is important because initially when I decided I wanted to do this I was going to scrap TBA all together. However, I realized that was stupid….and I had already been paying for this domain for two years. Ain’t no way I’m throwing away them coins boo! Lastly, I will continue to highlight businesses, artists, etc. and I will continue with entertainment news, however if it isn’t positive then it’s a no for me!

Lastly, I’m letting go of fear. TBA is mine and I have the right to make changes. It took me soooo long to get to this point because I was soooo afraid of the changes. I was worried about my “following”, looking wishy washy, or simply failing at my transition. However, I had to remind myself that in 2014 when this site came to be I was young and had a one track mind. I can even be honest and say I was using TBA to gain something and I think that’s why I feel out of love with it. It was at one point a fun hobby, but once people started recognizing it and celebs started showing love I became wrapped up in the hype. Not arrogantly, but I started to compete with myself in an unhealthy way. I wanted to keep TBA going because I was addicted to the “success.” Again, I sucked the fun out of it, but I also think I out grew it. So much has changed. The world is changing. Most importantly my passions have changed and now I am ready to align myself with the NOW in my life.

I’m still Bazey, but I am a different Bazey. What matters to me is different and deeper now and the things I aspire to be are different now. It’s still #PopCultureLifestyle fo’ lyfe! But I have to move on for my soul. I need this and it’s ok for me to need this.

I thank everyone who has ever supported, reposted, liked, tweeted, etc. TBA! I have gotten so much love and support over the years and I pray it continues! Thank you all soooo much! I hope you enjoy what I plan to bring to the table now. It will be different and it will take time, but it is time for a change!

You ready? Cause I am!



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