Update Your Playlist with Music Artist Résia

Résia is an Atlanta-based musical artist on the rise. With her latest single, Love Me Not, she is giving us many reasons to love her. With a sound all her own and a clear idea of who she is and what she wants, Résia takes on her journey to stardom and what’s next for her. Check out my interview with Résia below.

Who is Résia?

Résia is from Brooklyn, New York and is of Haitian descent. She is a dreamer and a person who never gives up, even when the odds seem to be against her. She likes to think of herself as a warrior. She’s in love with her culture, music, life, and family.

How did you get your start as a singer and when did you realize you wanted singing to be your career?

When I was young I would always sing around my house and force my family to listen. My teacher in 4th grade, Ms. Sandy, had no idea that I could sing until she heard me singing with my friends on the playground during recess. She was so impressed and encouraged me to audition for the school play. After the audition, I got the lead role. That was a defining moment in my life and it was then I knew that music was my passion.


Who has been your biggest influencer in pursuing your singing career?

My biggest influencers in pursuing music would have to be my parents. Growing up in Haiti, they never had the opportunities offered here in the U.S. The sacrifice that they made to come here and offer me a better life motivates me to work hard and chase what makes me happy, which is to sing. They have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and to never give up on them.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

My biggest career highlight so far was performing at the 2014 New York City marathon. During the marathon, stages were set up along the street, however, people were more interested in watching the marathon. I remember thinking, “Is anyone going to pay attention to me?”. I looked over to my dad standing nearby and saw him mouth, “Kill it”. I then took the mic from the DJ and started singing. To my amazement, a crowd began to form and cheer in front of the stage. That was a highlight for me because I realized I had power through my music; I could make people pay attention.

With so many emerging artist coming out everyday how do you keep your sound and brand unique?

I was told by my father growing up to stay true to myself. I’m inspired by new things daily and I try to convey that in new projects that I’m working on. When you follow your heart you can’t help but to keep your artistry refreshing and unique.

Your new single “Love Me Not” is definitely a banger and it’s doing well. What can we expect from Résia in 2017?

In 2017 you can expect a lot more music, shows, and my overall growth as an artist. I can’t wait to show the world what I have in store.


Speaking of your single “Love Me Not.” The song is a true island vibe. How much does your Haitian culture influence your sound and will we be hearing more music that reflects your culture?

Being Haitian definitely influences my music. I grew up listening to Kompa, a musical genre from Haiti. Kompa has a sound that touches the soul, which makes you want to dance and have fun. Having so many friends from the Caribbean led me to love Soca, a musical genre from Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Reggae from Jamaica. In my future projects you will definitely hear music that has been influenced by my culture.

You’re a songwriter as well. Which do you enjoy more. The songwriting process or performing? Why?

I love songwriting and performing equally. I feel an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when I turn an empty sheet of paper into music. During the writing process, I imagine my stage and video performance because it all goes hand in hand. When I perform, it gives my audience the opportunity to feel the same emotion I experienced while writing.

Who do you aspire to work with in the industry?

I aspire to work with people who expand my mind, skills, and who can give me honest criticism. Everyone has something to offer in their own way and creativity is what music is all about.

You’re originally from Brooklyn, NY, but you currently reside in Atlanta. Has either location influenced your sound in any way? If so, how?

Atlanta and Brooklyn have birthed legendary music, therefore living in both cities has given me different perspectives in sound. In Brooklyn I experienced the busy city life and it is heavily influenced by a diverse Caribbean culture. In comparison, Atlanta has a slower pace, however it has an interesting mix of being being rural and urban. In creating music in both cities, I have the ability to combine both cultures in my sound.

What genre of music do you enjoy the most and why?

When I was younger I was exposed to many genres. My vocal teachers encouraged me to be well rounded in all different types of music. I studied Opera, Country, Broadway, Soul, Gospel, etc. Through experience, I related to R&B and Pop music most. The mixture of these genres allow different styles and techniques to develop.

What are things you can’t live without?

I cannot live without Shea butter and Vaseline. I have to be moisturized at all times and I cannot focus with dry skin or dry lips. Without Shea butter and Vaseline I would be miserable.

What advice would you give to someone who is pursuing music?

I always advise to go hard, never take no for an answer, and never give up.

If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t doing music, I would aspire be an astrologist. My love for astrology began when I first read my birth chart. I couldn’t believe what I was reading was a true reflection of my personality. I then started to do more research on how different signs change related to your birth chart. From there I started helping all my friends understand their personality and their relationships in a more in depth way. Astrology is relatable and that’s what I love about it.

What is something that you know now that you thought you knew when you were younger?

When I was younger I did not realize how confidence could change one’s opinion of you. People will always take you more seriously when your confident in what you do. When I started my career I was very timid. I would always make mistakes because I wasn’t confident in my craft. This would make people think that I wasn’t ready, even though I knew my nervousness held me back. Then one day it just clicked for me and I started walking, talking, and even singing differently. When I found my confidence I knew nothing could stop me and I had to keep working hard. In anything you do confidence is key.

What do you feel is an essential skill to have as an artist?

An essential skill to have as an artist is to have the ability to communicate, listen, and relate to others on a personal level. Building relationships will get you far in this industry and in life.

A year from now when your name comes up in a conversation what do you hope people will say about you?

“Résia inspired me to chase my dreams and to never give up”

Many artists often merge into other industries as their career grows. Do you plan to do the same?

I plan to merge my career into doing humanitarian work by helping countries around the world. Specifically, I want to help Haiti. Over the last few years it has been struck with natural disasters and has been unable to fully recover from them. My goal is to help my country redevelop.

Check out Résia’s single “Love Me Not”


You can find Résia at: @resiamusic on Instagram and Twitter


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