Five Don’ts You Do That Stunt Your Business’s Growth

2017 is not the year for “maybe next year.” In a time where entrepreneurship is rising and resources for starting for a business are flowing in abundance there is no reason to find yourself becoming stagnant. That is of course if you change some of your tactics. More often than not we have more to do with why our ideas not ever leaving the ground. I’m willing to bet that if you ever find yourself doing one of these five things then you can relate to that fact.

Here is a list of five don’ts that you do that are stunting your business’s growth.


(1) Announcing your plans before they are solidified or completed: This is a huge problem that I see on social media all the time. Someone is coming out with this or “follow my business page for…” It’s great that you are starting a business and you want to build up your support, but the issue comes in when that’s all you’ve done.

Hitting snags in the process of starting a business is quite alright, but that’s why it’s best to keep things under wraps until they are completed or solidified. Most of the time a person hits a snag in the beginning stages of starting their business and then finds themselves trying to creep back into the shadows. Hoping no one remembers when they asked for that business page follow. Some people will remember and some won’t, but that feeling of embarrassment you feel for not delivering on your product is what holds you back from beginning again.

I suggest that you keep as much information about your business plans to yourself so that if something is to ever go wrong no one knows about it, but you and the most important people involved in your plans.


(2) Looking for approval: YOU DO NOT NEED APPROVAL TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! Take it from someone who is beyond guilty of this! You do not need your mama, daddy, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, and ‘nem to tell you what to do when it comes to your aspirations. It’s nothing wrong with surveying your closest family and friends for feedback and insight, but there is a difference between getting feedback and looking for approval for your plans.

Getting feedback is taking into consideration what someone thinks or feels about what you want to do. Getting approval is ONLY considering what someone else thinks and only making a move based on their thoughts and opinions. Unless they are your business partner you don’t need their approval to do anything. Do what you feel is right for you and your business. That’s all that matters in the end. Plus your success will be so much sweeter when you know you built YOUR business on your own wits and ideas.

(3) Seizing every opportunity because it’s an opportunity: in 2017 we must leave these listen to my mixtape, I make clothes, let me beat your face folks alone. I don’t mean all of them of course because we must respect one another’s hustles. However, if she says she “lays wigs” and you see that she sure does lay them…to the left. If they say they design t-shirts and all you see is a iron-ondecal on a Gildan tee then you need not affiliate yourself with that brand. Unless of course that is the quality of your business.

This has nothing to do with looking down on anyone. This is about protecting your brands reputation. It is far easier to get a bad rep than it is to keep a good rep. For new businesses it is crucial to keep your name clear of any and all foolishness. Remember once it’s out there, it’s out there and there is nothing you can do to change it. Protect your brand like you protect your edges and your jays!

dave chapelle.gif

(4) Having no plan: I’m not the type of planner that gets down to the last minute detail (plans change, you can’t plan everything). However, I do make plans and I keep a planner and a calendar so I can keep track of everything related to my business. I also have a journal specifically for my ideas and goals for my business. I can’t say what method you should take when getting your business plan together, but I can say having some type of plan is better and more beneficial for your business’s growth. Plans keep you on track and focused on what you need and want to do for your business. Failing to plan means you’re planning to fail.


Plans also help you to remember your goals and ideas better and it gives you something to aspire to do. It’s easy to get burntout or even discouraged when moving forward with business goals because you don’t have a clear idea on what you’re trying to accomplish. DO yourself a favor and use the power of the pen. It will truly make a difference in your business’s direction and stability.

This last don’t is the mecca of the whole list because this is something that so many of us don’t think is a don’t but trust me issa (it’s a) don’t!


(5) WORKING FOR FREE! We, you, me, all of us have got to stop working for free! In 2017 demand that people pay you what you are worth. Require people to pay you for your work and pay you well at that! The truth of the matter is people will not pay you if you don’t make them pay you. I made a vow to myself at the end of 2016 that working for free is no longer a part of my game. Are some opportunities worth just the experience? Yes they are. However, being a start-up business you need your coins not just for padding your bank account, but also for your credibility. You can’t have an entire business and do everything for free because at this point your amateur hour is over!

If you’re going to be a business man or woman then you have to boss up all the way around. No one asks Beyoncé, Steve Harvey or Denzel Washington to come to work for free and don’t say it’s because they are celebrities. They are famous because of the size of their platform which is great, but in the end Beyoncé is an entertainer, Steve is a tv/radio host, and Denzel is an actor. That is their job and they get paid well to do their job. If you are a hairstylist, PR maven, nail tech, child care provider, whatever it is that you do. In 2017 GET PAID FOR DOING YOUR JOB!

Those are my tips for getting your business, project, career start, or whatever it is you want to do off the ground! I hope you found them useful. Remember the mind is a powerful thing. Use it to your advantage! Most importantly trust yourself!! Slow and steady does win the race and you can do any and all things that you put your mind to. So get out of your own way and make things happen in 2017!

-xo, Bazey


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