Meagan Good to Star in TV Adaptation of ‘Foxy Brown’

Coming to a Hulu account near you, Meagan Good will be the star of the TV adaptation of the 1974 blaxploitation film, Foxy Brown. Good will also serve as a producer on the show and her husband, DeVon Franklin will serve as an executive producer.


Good will reprise Pam Grier’s role as the legendary character, Foxy Brown. In the 1974, Grier received some backlash for the stereotypes of black women portrayed in the film such as being vengeful and oversexualized. Despite mixed reviews, Foxy Brown was a financial success and is still one of the most talked about film characters to this day. Beyonce Knowles-Carter even played ‘Foxy Cleopatra’ in the 2002 film, “Austin Powers in Goldmember.” A character based off of Foxy Brown.


Foxy Brown is looked as an black heroine and a strong female lead. It’s good for Meagan to be able to not only star in the show, but to play a character that is strong and fierce.

In 2016, we saw a lot of success and firsts for black women, but the representation of black women in media still has a way to go. Having Meagan play a female lead and join the ranks (again, lets not forget she starred in Minority Report as Detective Lara Vega) of Viola Davis, Gabrielle Union, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Kerry Washington is good thing for black women all over. We need more representation and we’re hoping that there will be even more representation in 2017 in all mediums of media.

And in case you don’t realize how fierce this character is take a look at the trailer for the original film below:



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