Solange Knowles Releasing New Album “A Seat At the Table”

Solange Knowles shook the twitter-sphere after releasing her album artwork, tracklist, and release date for her upcoming album, “A Seat At The Table.”

The album set to release Friday, September 30, features Kelly Rowland, Q-Tip, Lil Wayne and Tweet. The album also includes songs titled, Don’t Touch My Hair, I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It (Interlude), Borderline (An Ode To Self Care), and The Glory Is In You. These song titles like most on the album leave many to believe that Knowles first musical release since her True EP in 2012, will include themes relevant to our society today.

Knowles described her new album as her “most proud body of work.” She also said this album is “a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief, and healing.” She released a digital booklet filled with the songs lyrics and photos. You can check it out on With the albums themes and the recent events that have taken place in our country, it is evident that this album will cause many to think and reflect on our country and ourselves.

Knowles is no stranger to speaking out against police brutality and her disdain for the current race relations in our nation. Knowles even took to Twitter to speak about an unpleasant encounter she had with four white women while attending a Kraftwerk concert in New Orleans two weeks ago. Knowles expressed how the women even went as far as to assault her by throwing a lime at her back, after demanding that she sit down and stop dancing. Knowles also penned a personal essay on her website, Saint Heron detailing the attack and touched on the inequalities she has faced as a black woman.

We don’t doubt that this album will become a trending topic again once it is released and some days after. We expect honesty, soul, and of course #BlackGirlMagic to be sprinkled all throughout “A Seat At The Table.” We would like to think the Beyoncé made the Lemonade while Solange set the table. Let us feast on this creativity! Will you be downloading a copy?



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