“Banned” Air Jordan 1s Set to Release in Fall 2016 


Air Jordan 1s
have made their comeback in the past years, due to the high top style and fresh colorways being released. 

It has been confirmed that one of the most  popular 1s, which are known as the Air Jordan “Banned” 1s, will return this year in 2016.  

This shoe carries much history due to the story of the shoe being banned on the court and Michael Jordan getting fined $5,000 per game when wearing them. This gives theBanned’ 1s its significant name. Also, such bright and noticeable shoes weren’t on the court yet, which became appealing to the youth culture, setting a trend for fashion and combining colorways that were rarely matched up together before.

The shoe is already set to drop September 3, 2016 and set at a retail price of $160. This sneaker was already an exclusive release, excited to see it remastered  (Picture above is the 2011 release). With all the sneaker-heads and hype-beast, this shoe will probally be the most talked about and anticipated shoe of the year.


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