Snapchat Beefing: Blac Chyna Versus Heather Sanders [By: Bazey]

Business woman and mom, Blacchyna went in on ex-BFF, Sorella Boutique owner and new mom, Heather Sanders, after she sensed some shadiness going down on Sanders snapchat story.

Chyna started her going at Sanders after Sanders posted a snap where she says to her boyfriend, Trell, that he could get his “hairline done.” This came after Heather posted multiple snaps of her joking with Trell about not having a haircut and how they both have large foreheads.

Well joking with bae or not, Chyna was not here for what she perceived to be a slick comment and commenced to lighting Snapchat up with multiple snaps calling Sanders fat, accusing her of being a loose in the industry and having plastic surgery, and invited her multiple times to ‘come see her’. Surely, Heather wasn’t taking it lying down and went back at Chyna just as here coming for Chyna’s look, businesses, and she clarified multiple times that she and her boyfriend were clowning each other and not Chyna.

Here’s the full video of their snapchat fight:

Hopefully this situation can be squashed without anyone coming to blows…or another Snapchat drag session.


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