Meek Mill Ordered to Perform Community Service on New Year’s Eve [By: Bazey]

Philly Rapper, Meek Mill, 28, has been ordered to perform community service on New Year’s Eve in Philadelphia, which means he will miss his scheduled performance with his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Meek is currently in the process of trying to get a new probation officer because he thinks his current PO, Treas Underwood, is “obsessed” with his case.

“She keeps showing up to his community service, which is not common,” She has 122 other cases, but she has it out for him. Probation is supposed to be a rehabilitative thing, but she will do anything to keep him on probation,” a source tells Page Six.

Meek was found guilty of violating his parole earlier this month, which was a result of him receiving gun charges in 2008. Meek has been ordered to stay in Philadelphia until his sentencing on February 5th.


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