Chargers, Eric Weddle Gets Fined 10k After Watching his Daughter Perform During Halftime (By: Bri Forte)

30-year-old Chargers Safety, Eric Weddle was fined after their game against the Miami dolphins.

Weddle is fined $10,000 for staying out during halftime to watch his daughter’s performance that the Chargers cheerleading squad sponsored.

Monday, Weddle was put on injured reserved, against his wishes, after a groin issue. This ends his season and may be an end to his career with the organization. His groin injury has made him miss three games this year and missed the second half of Thursdays game against the Oakland Raiders.

Weddle wasn’t given permission nor did he ask to to remain on the sideline to watch his daughter perform during halftime, sources told ESPN’s Ed Werder that he simply didn’t show up to the lockerroom. Teams spokesperson, Bill Johnston said it mandatory to be in the locker room because the adjustments made by coaches could be the difference in winning or losing.

The fine was kept quiet about until Weddle and his agent, David Canter’s  DEC Management  agency decided to speak on it. They decided to speak on it after the Chargers said that players on injured reserve this week would not be traveling to the their final season game against the Denver Broncos.
“If you do bad things to good people, you deserve to have your dirty laundry aired in the limelight,” Canter told The Associated Press. “Eric’s done nothing but give nine years to the Chargers organization — his heart, his soul, his body.” 

Supposedly, Weddle will also be a free agent during offseason in 2016, it’s reported he missed voluntary workouts last offseason to show his displeasure with the Chargers which led to not having a contract extension.


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