Jalan Burton: The Connect Double R

Jalan Burton is working on a fashion and urban blog entitled Connect Double R which is a representation of his hometown, Raleigh. He has big plans for the blog, trying to work with local rap artist in the area of Raleigh and put on a big show as well. He also keeps us up-to-date on the latest urban fashion, such as the brand Supreme, Palace Skateboards and Stussy. This is his first blog and first time really testing out his Journalism skills. I want to get more in depth with what he wants to get out of Connect Double R and how far he’s willing to go to succeed in this pop culture aspect of journalism. This interview will fit with “covering the uncovered” due to Jalan still trying to make a name for himself and get his brand out to the community and then even further.

What made you start your blog site?

Honestly, I’ve always loved clothes and looking nice and I’ve always gotten a lot of my style from some of my favorite Rappers. So I figured in summer 2014 I should start a clothing/music blog or online publication talking about it because a lot of people in Raleigh, NC are unaware of the culture behind streetwear and how the music and the clothes correlate with each other.

 Is urban street wear and fashion where you want to start a career in? 

Yes, In about 4 years I see myself working for a magazine or streetwear culture site out of NY.

What plans do you have for the blog such as topics?

Well, currently I’m continuing coming with the latest in premium streetwear goods.

What are some of your favorite urban entrepreneurs? Urban brands? 

I would have to go with Nicky Diamonds- Diamond Supply , Joe Fresh Goods- Dope Boy Magic, Angelo Baque, the creative director of Supreme NYC, and A$AP Bari- VLONE

How would you describe your style? Personally, I’ve always been into that real street style, for example, some of my biggest style influences are Dom Kennedy, Curren$y, Key!, and A$AP Bari. But the older I’ve gotten I have realized that the style is always suppose to elevate and the older you get, the cleaner your style should be. So, I still wear my favorite streetwear brands, I’ve just cleaned it up some.

Was it complicated starting your own blog?

At first, it was but once I got my logo and learned about wordpress.com, it was pretty simple after that.

What are you still learning about developing a blog and what are some of your skills that have enhanced?

Currently, I’m really trying to guide and conduct my site as a business, more so than just a blog, therefore I’m looking to expand, just trying to put the pieces together currently.

What future do you see for Connect Double R?

I see TCRR as a streetwear/music leading the culture on what’s new and up and coming at all times. Also I see it as a staple start for upcoming clothing designers and music artist to get their careers up and going.
Will connect double R go further than a website?

I mean yea eventually, but right now I’m focusing on building and marketing my brand and name. So yea definitely in the very near future, but right now no.

What advice could you give any locals in your hometown striving to start something on their own but can’t seem to get it right?

I would tell them to just breathe, and keep working. The only person that can stop your dreams is yourself. Just remember to keep God first and work hard.



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