Pittsburgh Steelers, DeAngelo Williams pays for 53 Mammograms in Honor of His Mother [By: Bri Forte]

Pittsburgh Steelers running back, DeAngelo Williams is really shoeing his support this month for Breast Cancer Awarness. He died the tips of his hair pink, his nails and has asked the NFL to let him wear pink for the entire month of October. Unfortunately, he has been denied to wear pink all month from the NFL.

He will still be supporting due to his DeAngelo Williams Foundation, where he will pay for 53 mammograms at hospitals in North Carolina, Charlotte and Pittsburgh. He started last year with two cancer screening centers.

This is all in honor of his mother and 53 mammograms represents the time she was alive. She died in 2009 and Willams has also lost four aunts to the disease.


If you are not informed, October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month. It’s an annual campaign to increase awarness of this common diesease. As women, make sure you are aware and take the steps to detect and know the symptoms of the breast cancer.


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