Rihanna Reveals Artwork for New Album ‘Anti'[By: Bri Forte]

The stunning Barbadoes Princess, RiRi hosted a relase party on Wednesday (Oct. 7th) in Los Angeles at the MAMA Gallery for long awaited new album, ‘Anti’. She unveiled the new artwork for the album created by Israeli painter, Roy Nachum.


The album cover shows a younger Rihanna and supposedly it’s the picture from her first day at day care. It is covered in braille and finished off with young RiRi having a gold crown over her head while holding a red balloon.
While being interviewed, Rihanna gave her reasoning on her artwork ideas.
“The whole idea behind the Braille is that people who have sight are sometimes the people who are the blindest” 

Her fans, better known as RiRi Navy haven’t received an album since 2012’s ‘Unaplogetic,’ so I’m sure they’re expecting an album with hard work and dedication.
The edgy pop star was wearing a sexy solid black-slip dress with an overlay jacket. She complimented her outfit with Manolo Blahnik sandals an Edwardian-inspired choker and a nice gleam with her Casa Reale hoop earrings. Let’s not forget that amazing lipstick and make-up she’s pulling off!


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