Chopping it Up With Luke Christopher: Musical Influences, Remaining Humble +


Luke Christopher is an artist on the rise hailing from San Fernando Valley. Christopher is a rapper/singer/producer signed to RCA records. Christopher began rapping in his early education years and began taking it more seriously by age 15. This proved to be a great decision for Christopher, who even gave up a chance at earning a degree at the University of Southern California to pursue his music career.

Christopher’s musical inspirations range from pop icon, Michael Jackson to the alternative band, Coldplay. Christopher stated that he wants to create music that brings about the feeling of nostalgia “…you gotta have a source of inspiration, you gotta think back to the moments in your life that were the dope moments, like what you were listening to and how it made you feel, and then you gotta kinda translate that into a way were you wanna hear that stuff now…you wouldn’t necessarily listen to the same music you were listening to 10 years ago but you still wanna get that feeling.”

With projects like “TMRW/YSTRDY” Christopher should have no problem accomplishing that goal. His honest, smooth, melodic sound will have you living in the moment as you vibe and ponder on his punchlines and verses.

From opening for Big Sean at Princeton University to hanging with Common in the studio it’s clear that Luke Christopher is on his way. It’s clear to see this his demeanor is a humble one and no less authentic. When asked on how he stays true to himself in the industry, Christopher said, “Honestly I think it’s your family and your friends. I think that’s what keeps you you because the people you surround yourself with they’re usually the people that will check you..well not check but just be like yo, you’re tripping. Like yo that’s not really your vibe and my parents are not scared to still [you know] yell at me and make me do everything around the house…I don’t wanna be like living on some hill and not talking to people all day that’s not fun for me. So I think it’s just a combination of friends and family and just [you know] the people you keep around you”

From keeping himself leveled, to writing and producing his projects, to maybe even a film one day, it’s safe to say that Luke Christopher may just have the Midas touch when it comes to creating great music and creating a career with promise.

Check out our favorite tracks from “TMRW/YSTRDY” below and be sure to get Luke Christopher’s latest project “TMRW/YSTRDY” on iTunes, Spotify, or soundcloud []



  1. They Know
  2. Famous
  3. Lot to Learn


  1. Never Been
  2. Roll With Me
  3. World Without Superman

Follow Luke Christopher at:

@LukeChrisMuzic [Twitter], @Luke Christopher [Facebook], and @aylukechristopher [Instagram].

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