Jesse Jackson Gives Green Light on Daughter’s Rap Career…With Two Conditions
Civil Right’s Activist, Jesse Jackson’s 16-year old daughter, Ashley Jackson aka ‘AJae’ revealed to the public that she wants to be a rapper by recording and releasing a song called, ‘Fleek.’  AJae spoke openly with Billboard Magazine about her desire for a music career and why she titled her first single “Fleek.”


AJae on the term ‘Fleek’:

“One of my favorite eras, the ‘90s, is highlighted through wardrobe and movement similar to TLC and Aaliyah. The cute, young girls represent the ‘Fleek’ of the next generation, while the older girls and myself represent the present 2015.”

“By shining a light on the past, present, and future, ‘Fleek’ is a word that I would redefine for girls around the world as being ‘on point’ in your education, inner beauty, self esteem, and abilities,” she said. “’Fleek’ is the model of empowerment for my generation and those to come.”

AJae also revealed that she has been dancing since age three and began singing at age five and by age seven she was performing as ‘Pocahontas’ in her school play and by 7th grade she was performing at Carnegie Hall.

AJae seems to be actively pursuing her career and it seems that her father, Jesse Jackson was a little iffy about her daughter’s career. Jackson felt that his daughter needed to focus on graduating high school, but he never said that he was against his daughters career choice.

Jackson recently came out and expressed that he is in full support of his daughter’s rap career as long as she refrains from using the ‘N-Word’ in her raps and that she stays up on her studies.

AJae grew up in a zero tolerance for profanity household and Jackson expects for his daughter to uphold to that. AJae says that she doesn’t use offensive slang in her day to day vocabulary and she’s more focused on creating music with a socially conscious message.

With positive tracks like ‘Fleek’ and ‘Just Do Me,’ Jesse and AJae should have reached a happy medium.

Check out AJae’s video for her song ‘Fleek’ below:


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