New York Jets, Geno Smith Out for 6-10 Weeks After Broken Jaw by Teammate


Geno Smith
IK Enemkpali
Now you can add the New York Jets to list of team fights going on during the NFL summer camp practices, except this one ended with a major injury.

Tuesday morning (Aug 11th), there was a painful incident between Jets QB, Geno Smith and reserve LB, IK Enemkpali. Coach, Todd Bowles said “It was nothing to do with football….it was very childish.” 

After the incident it left Geno Smith with a fractured jaw in two places after being punched by Enemkpali and will now be out 6-10 weeks. After Ik’s actions the Jets immediately released him from the team.

“The team knows it. It’s something we don’t tolerate, something we can’t stand,” Bowles said. “You don’t walk up to a man and punch him in the face.” Says Bowles.  He didn’t release what the “all sudden drama” was between the two teammates, saying if they wanted to tell they could themselves.

Ryan Fitzpatrick will start the teams season as Quaterback and Smith will be having surgery. 



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