Raleigh’s Own, King Mez lands Multiple Tracks on Dr. Dre’s New Album

 Dr. Dre’s album is probably one of the most anticipated of 2015. His album Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre has been released and has put a 25-year-old King Mez ( Morris Wayne Rick’s II) on the map right now!

He’s been releasing music since 2009 and released his first album entitled Long Live The King which dropped in 2014. He has also been recognized with another NC native, J.Cole. Mez left Raleigh last year to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles. Now Mez has taken his talents to the West Coast delivering 3 tracks on Dre’s new album and getting much respect for a well done delivery on the first song “Talk About it.” The othe2 tracks are entitled “Satisfiction” and “Darkside/Gone.”

 “I’ve never actually sold any music, and I feel like selling it differentiates it,” Mez tells The News & Observer. “It’s exciting to come off a big platform like this where I have the ears of a lot of people. There are some important things I want to say, heavily oriented about love, man. Love of God, for sure, getting people to love themselves and be thankful for what they have and their situation.”
This is a huge breakthrough for Mez and after “Compton” debuts, Mez next focus will be his own music. He has a mini-album he’s working on followed by his first legit full-length album. Only time will tell what this great MC will deliver to Hip-Hop.


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