Devon Still Gives a Heart-Felt Speech at the ESPYs during the Honoring of his daughter, Leah Still 


Tonight (July 15th) the ESPYs honored the beautiful, brave, 5-year-old hero Leah Still with the Jimmy V. Perseverance Award. 

Leah has taken so many hearts as we’ve been able to see her journey of what she likes to call it, “beating up Cancer.” With the help of her father, Devon Still (DT for Cincinatti Bengals) she still seems to hold such a beautiful light and diva-like confidence in herself even throughout hard times. Leah couldn’t make it to the show tonight because of her Cancer being in remission and her immune system being low, but she still sent out her thank yous to everyone supporting her through video. 
Devon Still received the award for his daughter and gave an incredible heart-breaking speech about the journey with his daughter, battling between football and being with her and giving thanks to his lady for being by his side through the ups and downs. Still also sent his love to others fighting Cancer, leaving a crowd and I’m sure some people at home touched or in tears.

Watch this amazing speech below:


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