Kehlani is Getting Everyone on the Tsunami Mob Wave!

This Oakland singer known as Kehlani Parrish or “BaeLani” may be new to some, but she has been on the road to success since being discovered on America’s Got Talent as the lead singer of a group entitled “PopLyfe.” The group finished in fourth place on the show.

When people see the 20-year- old songstress, they see a hardcore/rapper image due to her tattoos and style but she’s a soulful R&B singer who has also released to mixtape entitled “Cloud 19” and her latest “You Should Be Here.” 

Her latest mixtape has been making it pretty big on the charts and even been considered as an album with her hit songs up there called “You should be Here” and “The Way” featuring Chance The Rapper. BillBoard immediately called this project “This years first great R&B album,” making #1 on iTunes and #2 on both R&B albums and Current R&B albums chart.

She is one of the most tweeted about artist and seems to be an inspiration to many fans due to them getting tattoos with her album title or inspiring lyrics. She’s on tour now and has sold out almost every city she is set to perform at. 

With Kehlani’s 90’s swagg, natural beauty, realness and Tsunami Mob fans base, it seems she will be keeping R&B alive for the long run. 


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