Chrisette Michele Launches New Clothing Line “Rich Hipster”


If you watched “R&B Divas:LA” while Grammy awarded winning R&B/Soul singer Chrisette Michele was apart of the cast, then you noticed that Chrisette is definitely unique. We’d say she has a  flower child vibe to her and she also walks to the beat of her own drum and in addition to her music, that’s another reason why we love Chrisette. She’s unafraid to be who she is!

She took her honest attitude to the “bloggersphere” with her website “Rich Hipster,” her personal site that features blog posts about everything from what she is eating to her thoughts on things she finds the most important. She also uses her site to create a platform for artists of all genres by featuring them on the site and she also features people from all over the globe in the “street fashion” section of the blog. The blog also includes “Rich Hipster TV” where readers get a chance to see Chrisette’s performances and other things she shares in video format.

Chrisette is also hosting her clothing line’s website “Rich Hipster Belle” through the website [Rich Hipster]. Chrisette’s clothing line features t-shirts, loungewear, and dresses (so far). The clothing line is for curvy girls that love their hips and embrace their curves.

Chrisette on Rich Hipster Belle at Essence Festival Live:

“This line is called Rich Hipster Belle and it’s for girls with curves…As you can see, I have a couple of those, about two or three of them things!”

“A lot of our pieces can go from day to night,” she said of the line’s versatilely. “You can wear it with stilettos or sandals… I love when I can wear it on the airplane and at the show. I just wanted really easy, flexible pieces.” 

The blog overall is very nice and visually appealing. The blog has a very personal feel to it, like she put a lot of thought into the site before she actually produced it. We plan to check in from time to time to see what’s new in Rich Hipster Land because we like getting to know “Chris!”

Link to Chrisette’s website:

Link to Chrisette’s online store:

*Chrisette is wearing wearing ‘Black Bandaid’ from the Rich Hipster Belle Collection. Click link to the store for details*


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