Misty Copeland is Now the First African-American Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theatre.

32-year-old, Misty Copeland has made history by becoming the first African-American female principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre in 75-years of the company’s history. For those who may not know,  a principal dancer is a dancer at the highest rank within a professional dance compenay. 

Copeland was born in Kansas City, Misouri and raised in San Pedro, California, she started doing ballet at the of 13, which is a late start for a dancer such as she is. With the late start you’d think the odds would be against her but ballet has introduced her to being one of Time’s magazine’s 100 most influential in 2015, many other magazine articles, a segment on “60 Minutes” and an upcoming documentary entitled “A Ballerina’s Tale.”

She got her most shine once she was starred in the role of American Ballet Theatre’s production of Swan Lake and was the first African American to do it. She’s a social media sensation and has had over 8 million views for an online ad she made for Under Armour.

Being the first African American female Principal Dancer at the company  was a desire that Misty Copeland has always seemed to be outspoken about and now history is made and her goal is reached. Well deserved Misty!


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