Avril Lavigne Opens Up for the First Time about Lyme Disease.


Singer, Avril Lavigne shared to the the public last December that she had “health issues” and in April told she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She was bedridden for about five months and also talked about one of the worst parts of suffering through Lyme Disease, which was the doctors treating her as if she was a “crazy person.” But thanks to her fans encouragement it was able to help her through a difficult time. 

She spoke on “Good Morning America” while in tears describing the struggle that it was to find a diagnosis. she also was glad to share that she has been doing much better and is half way through her treatment. 
“I sat there in my bed and I watched the videos and, like did exactly what I’m doing now. I cried through the whole thing. Honestly, I felt very, very loved. And it sounds silly saying it but I truly did feel my fans through the process….There is hope. Lyme disease does exist and you can get better.” Says Lavigne.

 For those who may not know what Lyme Disease is, it’s an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi which can be known as Lyme Borreliosis as well. Animals and birds carry this bacteria and also ticks may carry it due to them feeding on an infected animal, passing it on to other animals and even humans during their next meal.

Unfortunately doctors aren’t very aware of Lyme Disease which leads to people not being cured or undiagnosed. 
This disease may be treated with antibiotics and the sooner it’s started, the better the recovery. 
Watch Video the video of her interview with ABC Good Morning America below: http://youtu.be/uarB8H6Bjm8


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