“Amy” Documentary Coming out July 3, 2015 + Film Trailer


Amy Winehouse was a powerful, soulful, singer that died too soon. Amy Winehouse died at age 27 from alcohol poisoning and we all know she had her fair share of issues (bulimia, drug use, etc.), but then again who does’t!? Her talent was still out of this world and she is still one of my favorite artist to date. [Excuse me I may get personal in this post, but I truly do love me some Amy Winehouse!]

Amy Winehouse rose to fame after releasing her second album, “Back to Black” and releasing hit singles “You Know I’m No Good,” and “Rehab.” The album earned her five Grammy awards and international stardom.

 “Amy,” director Asif Kapadia, used video footage, song lyrics, and voice overs of people close to Amy to tell the story of how a woman who is nothing short of a phenomenon, a international superstar became a sad and broken individual.  The film touches on Amy’s relationships with her ex-husband, Black Fielder-Civil and her father, Mitch Winehouse.

The media has always painted these men as the villains in Amy’s life and while I can not say whether that is true or not, I can say Amy fans and those alike will appreciate the humanity of the film. People who knew Amy and music stars like, Tony Bennett and Mark Ronson, who have both worked with Amy, appear in the film and they help to paint the picture of who Amy the woman was.

Critics are raving about the film and I’m sure if you go see it you will be too! “Amy” hits select theaters July 3rd and will be released nationwide July 10th.

Watch the trailer below:

Check out some of Amy’s hits below:

Amy Winehouse “Just Friends”:

Amy Winehouse “You Know I’m No Good”:

Amy Winehouse “Rehab:

Amy Winehouse “Tears Dry On Their Own”:

[This part gets a lil personal lol]:

This film takes Amy out of the paparazzi, magazines, and blogs and they place her in front of you giving you a clearer vision of who she was. I can appreciate the film because this was at one time a story left untold. I can remember my friends telling me they won’t listen to Amy Winehouse because she looked “dirty.” I’m not sure why my emotions are so strong for a woman I don’t even know, but Amy touched my soul with her music, and isn’t that apart of her job? Or maybe it’s her magic? I’m not sure, but any person that can move me just by hitting one note deserves all the accolades and I’m glad she is finally getting hers with a film that will tell her truths.

[Written by; Bazey]


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