Safaree Samuels to Release New Track “Love the Most”…and it’s About His Ex Nicki Minaj + Snippet of the Track

safaree cover art

Nicki Minaj’s ex-bf Safaree Samuels has never been shy about expressing his feelings about rap superstar, Nicki Minaj or their breakup, however recently Safaree has decided to let music be his story teller.

As he raps on his new track “Love the Most,” he claims he made Nicki who she is today. He also claims that Nicki cheated on him, rubbed her new relationship with rapper, Meek Mill, in his face, refused to have his baby and more.

He even addresses how he felt about Nicki interacting with other male rappers, most specifically Nicki kissing Nas in the “Right by my Side” video: “Had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it’s all cool / Inside I was feeling like a motha f**king fool.” 

The track is being officially released at the end of the week, but here is a snippet of the song until then:

[cred: TMZ]

UPDATE: Safari just tweeted this tweet and he officially released the track on iTunes.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 1.49.36 PM


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