Miguel “Wildheart” Cover art + Album Tracklist


Miguel’s third studio album, “Wildheart,” will be in store June 30th. The 13 track album will include his leading single, “Coffee” and features rapper, Kurupt on “NWA” and Lenny Kravitz lends his master guitar skills on “Face the Sun.”

Miguel told VH1: “This album is Los Angeles, it’s attitude, it’s aggression, it’s sex, it’s pyschedelia, it’s lust, it’s loneliness, it’s just more aggressive. It’s just raw. That’s why I love this album.”

“Wildheart” Tracklist:

1. “A Beautiful Exit”
2. “Exit”
3. “The Valley”
4. “Coffee”
5. “NWA” feat. Kurupt
6. “Waves”
7. “What’s Normal Anyway”
8. “Hollywood Dreams”
9. “Destinado a Morir”
10. “…goingtohell”
11. “Flesh”
12. “Leaves”
13. “Face the Sun” feat. Lenny Kravitz


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