Catfish Star Jerez “Kidd Cole” Stone Coleman Arrested for Making Threats Against D.C. Metro


Jerez Nehemiah Stone-Coleman aka ‘Kidd Cole’ was arrested at his home in Southeast, D.C. for making terroristic threats to the Washington, D.C. Metro Transit System. From December 12, 2014- May 12, 2015, Stone-Coleman made 11 calls threatening the D.C. Metro. One of his threats included taking a Metro bus and it’s passengers hostage for $15 million dollars.

After the Metro attacks in Paris, Stone-Coleman called the Metro System and claimed he learned of plans “from France” to ambush President Barack Obama’s motorcade and assassinate him. He also claimed those same people placed bombs around the Potomac Avenue Metro Station. He made several other calls claiming bombs were being placed in Metro stations and that someone with a rifle was going to  blow up a metro bus.

The threats of these attacks prompted emergency responses from the Metro Transit police and other law enforcement only to discover that the claims were “wholly false.”

Stone-Coleman was eventually caught due to his cell phone records and surveillance from Metro stations and buses to identify Cole as their suspect.

Upon Cole’s arrest, Metro Transit Police Chief, Ron Pavlik, released this statement: “We have no greater responsibility than protecting Metro’s customers and employees. This case demonstrates the seriousness with which we take all threats and the lengths to which we will go to bring those responsible to justice.”

If you are familiar with MTV’s hit TV show, “Catfish,” then we are sure you are familiar with one of the series most famous episodes about a young man named, Jerez Stone-Coleman aka ‘Kidd Cole.’ Kidd Cole appeared on “Catfish” last year. He was online posing as a rapper and was using his ploy to scam people out of thousands of dollars.

Soon after his appearance on the show, Stone-Coleman was arrested and charged with identify fraud in Richmond, VA for scamming Virginia Commonwealth University by promising them a hip hop event including Detroit rapper, Big Sean.  Stone-Coleman pled guilty and his charges were reduced to misdemeanors resulting in a suspended jail sentence.

Stone-Coleman is also the son of singer, Lil’ Mo’s ex-husband, Gus Stone. She even expressed her love and concern for him in an Instagram post soon after his “Catfish” episode aired.


Caption: “Big shoutout to MY “estranged” SON!! @colepushaz! i cannot sit here and LOL and point fingers at a young man that has the SAME FATHER as my daughters heaven and Godiss love. i saw the MTV special “Catfish” and my heart was saddened. i laughed at first because i was like “heaven ya brother on TV”. BUT the fact is, i literally saw this YOUNG MAN raise HIMSELF!! his grandmother helped. but he wasn’t her responsibility. numerous payments was sent to the child support account. that I paid out of my pocket. he was raised without a “YOU know what” !! in these streets, get it how you LIVE IT!! he is NOT a bad guy. he needs guidance. i truly hope he makes his way in the music industry. which is way more cruel than the real world. ps iLove you Jerez!! never give up ok!! love always, Mom  #sorryIhadtoBEhumanTHISonce#backtoBEINGanALIEN”

We hope that Jerez gets the help that he needs and we will you guys posted on any new developments!


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