Big Deal or No Big Deal?: Rita Ora Not Crediting her Hair Braider 

Rita Ora recently had grey box braids installed in her head. Rita posted the top photo with a caption thanking her hairstylist, who in the bottom right corner had that photo amongst others on his page with Rita wearing the box braids in different styles and he captions the photo “hair design by me.”

The braids were allegedly done by a woman named Janet and a disgruntled woman who we will assume is friends with Janet left a comment on Rita’s page exposing the truth about who really did her hair.

 Now Rita is being dragged for filth on her social media page due to her not crediting the woman who supposedly did her hair. What do you guys think big deal or no big deal? Who do you think really did Rita’s braids? 
Hint: not to discredit anyone, but until their is solid proof on who did Rita’s braids we will say “allegedly” and “supposedly.”


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