#LoveThyWoman| Kristin Williams “Krissi Mobb”


Kristin Williams, a.k.a “Krissi Mobb” (@krissimobb) was born in Chicago,il.  Music is something that has always been apart of Krissi’s life from playing the clarinet when she was in elementary school, being apart of the church choir in her high school days, the dance team and even acting in all their major plays. 

Krissi also danced for the ceremony of Michael Jackson in front of his family and danced on stage with Kirk Frankilin! 

Her becoming a rapper now was influenced by her uncle who was very popular in his time. Now she attends North Carolina A&T and has joined a organization known as Couture Pruductions where she has done many shows . She opened for snootie wild during GHOE and currently apart of a rap group entitled “24K” with her rap partner Mojo. 

“I feel as if we still have the struggles the we have always had but I feel as if this is the time to make change that will make it easier for women coming after me. So I just work as a hard as possible to make sure that I do the that I can so I can make it easier on the ladies coming after me. I personally just want to be in the prescence of great women like Oprah so I can just get the impact that they have on people so that I can be able to do the same thing.” – Krissi  

She has a great single out as well entitled “Gold” . Make sure you check it out! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AOv66IfJlWc


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