“Queen” by Mo

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 7.41.58 PM

Everyday her mother reminded her that she was beautiful

With the daily stares, she knew she didn’t look like the usual

American girl, straight haired sporting diamonds and pearls

Constantly awaiting the approval of the world,

But she

She didn’t see herself to be unusual, more like unique

An undiscovered masterpiece

Her heart painted love strokes, in between the lies presented daily

Memories slowly fading

Creating space in her mind to utilize the expansion in her wise

Answers to the young men who lacked substance

Begging for that chance to get a slow dance

But she wanted no parts of that new aged romance

Her days were spent roaming the levels of life, in which many women were afraid to reach

Gaining confidence

To exchange the obvious

Feeling of not being good enough

She gains her strength in knowing God is present

Spreading knowledge, peace, and love

Amongst those who value her presence



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