#LoveTheWoman|Alex Vaughn


This is Alex Vaughn. She is a 20 year old singer- songwriter- pianist from the DMV area with aspirations of becoming the next big R&B/ Hip Hop star!! She’s been singing & playing since she was 2 years old & began writing after her first heartbreak at age 15.
To pursue her dreams, she has been writing songs for herself and others while working in the studio towards very first project (TBA). She also posts youtube videos and covers every Thursday… so be sure to check that out too!
“Trying to brand yourself is so much tougher than anyone would ever think, especially when there are a million other girls chasing after the same thing. I feel like in order to succeed at anything, ESPECIALLY getting into the industry, you HAVE to have the PASSION and the MENTALITY of a winner! Its all a strategy.
It has been such a journey already but through it all it has made me so much better prepared for whats to come! And for that I am so excited!!!”
Check out Alex’s Cover of “Crazy In  Love (Fifty Shades of Grey Remix)”:
Link to Alex’s YouTube Channel:

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