#LoveThyWoman| Nene Tanae

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My name is Nene & I’m a YouTube (YT) Beauty Vlogger with over 14,000 subscribers, formally knows as My “Boo’s”. To explain what I do further, YT is a growing career where I teach makeup tutorials, techniques, and hair styling how-to’s. The purpose of my channel is to inspire women and show them that they don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to achieve a flawless or “beat” face. A few examples of what you can learn on my channel are: How to Highlight & Contour, How to Make a U-Part Wig, How to Cover Dark Marks/Circles, and a plethora of Aliexpress Hair Reviews. My main goal is for anyone that visits my channel to have learned something by the time they leave my channel. Hence the many “How-to” tutorials.
When I first started YT, the beauty community wasn’t as big. With that in mind, I didn’t have much of a vision for my channel nor how long I wanted to keep it around. As it started to grow (formally known as DrugstoreQueenNene) I started to take it more seriously and now the growth of my channel is overwhelming. I love the support of my boo’s and they honestly push me to continue to teach them. My advice for people wanting to start a beauty YT channel is to know your purpose. Know exactly what it is that’ll set you aside from one person, and then go for it. For all others who enjoy just learning and being taught, head on over to my channel NeneTanae, “Where All Boo’s Are Welcomed. “
Link to a Makeup tutorial by Nene:
Link to Nene’s YouTube Channel:

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