Chris Brown is a Dad?

Yesterday TMZ broke the news that Chris Brown is the father of a 9-month old baby girl. The mother of the child is a woman named Nia and TMZ says that Chris has known Nia for years, and while they are not together romantically, the two have a good relationship with each other.

However after some new developments from Celebrity Get Down, it was unveiled that Nia is a friend of Christina Milian’s who is friends with Chris’ girlfriend, Karrueche.

Karrueche also posted a tweet and delete asking hertweeps if anyone knew a Nia.

As if things couldn’t get more interesting, a man posted an emotional photo saying that he always thought he was the father of the baby and that he was heartbroken by the revelation that he isn’t. The man has numerous photos and videos on his Instagram page of the baby and the baby’s mother, Nia.

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People are still divided on believing that Chris is the father and The Bazey Address wants our receipts too, but we must point out that it is possible that Chris has known Nia for years because of her relationship with Christina who is linked to Karrueche. Also Chris was not in jail at the time of the estimated conception date (18 months ago).


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