#BlackLove- Kiyah & BJ


Q: How would you describe your #BlackLove?

A:Our #BlackLove was completely unexpected. We both didn’t realize that we were unknowingly looking for someone until we met one another. In a very short while we both fell very quickly. Our #BlackLove is about patience, understanding, communication, and most importantly being ourselves!

Q: How do you keep #BlackLove alive in your relationship?

A:We keep our #BlackLove alive by just being our honest selves, exploring, and learn new things together. Most importantly we communicate.
Q: Why is your mate your perfect #BlackLove?
A: He is my perfect #BlackLove because he understands me and somehow knows what I’ll do or think before I even do. Also, his patient nature often balances out my more aggressive and rebellious nature.
She is my perfect #BlackLove because she motivates me to do better as well as keeps me going through my tough days.  Also she brings out my more aggressive and confident side that I usually do not show the rest of my peers.  She allows  me to be myself and gives me a reason to do my best at everything.

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