Girls Versus Guys: V-Day Edition

Every year many people give gifts, candy, flowers and cards on February 14th, which is also known as Valentine’s Day.  This big and special day of romance originates from the Roman Holiday, Lupercalia.  

This Roman Holiday wasn’t filled with candy and romance, but instead the Romans would celebrate this from the 13th to the 15th as a festival. The men would sacrifice a dog and a goat , then whip the women with the hides of the animals they killed. The women would line up to get hit as well because they felt it would make them fertile. Also, the name Valentine came from the Romans after the execution of two men named Valentine , they were honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. valentines Day.

 When in a relationship or if you have someone special, Valentine’s day may be taken serious to someone and their significant other. Some may say it’s more of a woman’s holiday and others may feel that males should get the same love, gifts and attention as the woman does on that day. 

Are gifts or material items really important on this day ? Or is it just enough to spend time with your loved one? What would be your perfect Valentines day ?

Bri: “In my opinion, Valentine’s day should be celebrated for each significant other, but it’s not as easy to buy for a man than it is for a woman. You don’t see too many men asking for teddy bears, flowers and candy. Maybe as the woman you could pay for the meal or even a movie, guys usually don’t ask for much on this day anyways. My perfect Valentines day would be a nice, meaningful card, big teddy bear and a great night out with the one I love. I wouldn’t ask for too much.”

Jalen: “I think I speak for all men when I say that we low key do want some attention and love on Valentine’s Day. Now of course we don’t want the huge teddy bears or the box of chocolates but we would like to feel special at least. All men do have a soft side you know, so it wouldn’t hurt to show how much you love him. Giving gifts on Valentines Day isn’t as important as people make it seem. I don’t feel you could fully capture the love you have for someone in a material things. Im not against the idea of giving gifts but I just feel that spending quality time with that person is enough and you could express your love for them more than any gift could. My ideal Valentines Day would be to wake up with breakfast in bed then spend the whole day doing whatever we felt would make us happy and ending it with a very romantic and intimate dinner. Men don’t ask for too much so just simply spending the day with us would be incredible.”


Hmm…the view points seem somewhat similar, but I think that it all comes down to the relationship that you have with your significant other. Either way enjoy valentine’s day for what it is and love your man or woman for who they are and not what gifts they bring to the table…but gifts are ALWAYS nice 🙂


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