Bae-Less on V-Day :(

Bae-less photo

Another year, another Valentine’s Day. Bring in the heart-shaped candies, assorted color teddy bear’s, and mushy greeting cards! Prepare for lovey-dovey social media post and ridiculous wait times at your favorite restaurants. If you’re anything like me, you’ll just take this Saturday to be confined to your bed with your favorite ice cream and a Netflix binge. Yep! That sounds about right!

Ugh!! So much to take in and keep in mind it’s not just one day, the V-Day bug will begin to buzz as soon as February 1st hits, then it will somehow make babies, make a tsunami swarm and take down anyone in it’s path…well everyone except for me…yup I can’t even catch a plague let alone a date!

The V-Day hype will have you going through the motions of happy to not have to plan unnecessarily expensive dates, buying an abundant amount of gifts, and having to spend the ENTIRE day with your significant others (trust me that can be tougher than it looks!), yet saddened by the lack of the attention the world shows you, the fact your mom is your valentine by default, and the 15 super platonic text you will get from all your male friends that are also as single as you are, yet you are both still sitting at home with no plans…let that sink in.

Oh and let’s not forget that your good friend that spent last V-day with you bashing men and reading all the lovely-dovey couples on your IG timelines for filth is now in a happily committed relationship and will not shut up about how she can’t wait to see what her ah-mazing boyfriend has planned for V-day…oh how soon they forget (all about you!)

But unfortunately folks, that’s just how the cookie crumbles when you are bae-less on V-day L Now don’t get me wrong I truly do love love and I support everyone that is in a happy and prosperous relationship, however it can be a bit much to be alone in a day of excessive love and mushiness! Yet, I’m actually ok with being bae-less on V-day because I’m no longer dealing with toxic relationships and I am in a great and content place with myself and those around me, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that every time I like a V-day post, comment awww how cute!, and respond to my mom’s v-day/”trust me it’ll happen one day…” text message…I die a little inside.

I hope you enjoyed my satire, but seriously!

Either way folks, love is love! Except is from all sides and return love to those that show love to you! It does sound mega cheesy to say that one day you’ll find the ONE, but you will trust that! But for now, go on and have fun! Enjoy life! Enjoy your friends and fam! But mostly importantly, enjoy yourself! Whoever you are and whatever you do love yourself and appreciate how you are and the rest will come!


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