#BlackLove- Tiana & Jamal


Q: How would you describe your #BlackLove?

A: Our love is very balanced. Where one of us lacks the other one is already strong in that department. Our love is motivational because we help to motivate one another. Our love is one kind because most people can’t say they are in love w/ their best friend. We started off as friends and never expected to end up together.

Q: How do you keep #BlackLove alive in your relationship?

A: COMMUNICATION. That’s the number one way we keep love alive in our relationship. We always talk about our days, our problems, and etc. Also we always do the little things. I (Tiana) love good bye kisses and Jamal kisses me everyday before he leaves. Also we always tell one another we love each other before one of us leaves. We even text each other through out the day and we flirt all the time lol. Flirting helps us keep it fresh lol.

Q: Why is your mate your perfect #BlackLove? (Both persons in the relationship may answer this question)

A: Jamal: Tiana I feel is perfect for me because she’s what I look for in someone. She’s smart, beautiful and she understands me. She knows what I like, what I don’t, she knows when I’m upset or when something’s bothering me. Our love for each other is equal and reciprocated and that’s why I feel she’s my perfect Black love.

– Tiana: Jamal is perfect for me because he gets me. Jamal puts up with me and all the crazy shit that I do lol. He knows how to make me smile on my worse days, he laughs at my bad jokes lol, and he makes me feel perfect. Jamal is intelligent, handsome and the sweetest man I have ever met. That’s why he’s perfect for me.


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