J.Cole Saves a Suicidal Listeners Life through the song “Love Yours”


If you know J.Cole or a fan, you know his know for his deep lyrics and powerful meaning behind his songs. He gives fans something to understand and relate too.

The song entitled “Love Yourz” has off of his latest album “2014 Forest Hills Drive” has saved a suicidal man’s life.

This is what the listener says:

“I have been homeless for the last 15 days here in cold Chicago. I haven’t ate in 2 days cept some crackers(I stole from grocery store and a bottle water). I wanted to take my life this week. I was walking down the street looking at all the houses with Christmas parties and decorations. I started thinking about when I was little and I used to watch Charlie Brown and drink hot cocoa. I spend my day in Starbucks(free wifi) trying to find a job and place to live. When the night comes I walk around. I don’t want to go to a shelter. I was walking around and put this album on. This song came on and I just started crying. Right on the street. I stopped and broke down. The reason, I had planned on taking my life this week. I was going to take a bunch of sleeping pills and just lay down in a corner somewhere. Just go peacefully. This song gave me a bit of strength to try and continue. Im not sure whats going to happen, just hope things turn around soon.Ya’ll can make fun or do whatever it’s cool. Just had to get this #### off my chest.”

Much respect to J.Cole and his craft and many blessing to a life that was saved !

You never know who’s watching, listening or inspired by you.


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