Lupe Wearing a KKK robe + Freddie Gibbs Responds

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Chicago MC Lupe Fiasco has always been a respected and admirable rapper in the game. People have only had positive things to say about Lupe, but his recent twitter post has fans shocked and a little outraged.

Lupe posted a screenshot from his 2013 video “1234” of him wearing a full out KKK robe, which he’s using to promote his new album entitled “Tetsuo & Youth”. The album is set to release January 20th of next year.

Freddie Gibbs went to twitter to express how he felt about the photo. He responded by saying that it was “senseless and irresponsible” of him for posting that picture to try to prove a point. Lupe then responded with a series of tweets and the two went back and forth.

At the end they both found common ground and all issues were resolved. I have to mention that I respect how these two men handled the situation and prevented it from escalating into something bigger.

What’s the point you think Lupe is trying to make with this or do you feel he’s completely out of line?

Link to the “1234” video posted below:



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