Former Nike Manager Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Transport

A couple months back former Nike employees , Tung Ho and Kyle Yamaguchi were involved in generating thousands of dollars in stolen sneakers. 42 pairs of those stolen goods were sent to a buyer residing in Florida on April of last year for $62,000.

The buyer in Florida goes by the name of Jason Michael Keating who is now being charged for his involvement in the crime, thanks to Yamaguchi cooperating with authorities.

Yamaguchi agreed to a deal that will only give him 5 years probation and a $50,000 fine (which is chump change compared to what he was making) versus 5 years in prison. He will be sentenced on March 31st.

During his time at Nike which was from 2006-2012 Yamaguchi would order sample pairs from China and get them sent to Nike’s Beaverton, Oregon headquarters where he would then sell the shoes to Keating. Yamaguchi took over as the middleman when he left Nike to start his own company.

Above this is what Tung Ho had to say when police raided his home earlier this year.



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