The Carter’s are being sued over “Drunk in Love” Sample

The chart topping anthem “Drunk in Love” sung by Beyonce and ft. Jay-Z is now on the verge of being sued, given a civil lawsuit after receiving the two Grammys for this song, Hungarian folk singer, Mitsou is taking Mr. & Mrs.Carter to court.

The track seems to sample Mitsou’s vocals for over a minute throughout the entire song. It is also claimed that her voice was “sampled and digitally manipulated without her permission.”

Mitsou’s suit is about Bey using her voice from a performance in 1995 during a retention of a of traditional Roma tune “Bajba, Bajba Pelem”. Also claiming “Drunk in Love to evoke foreign eroticism along sexually intense lyrics”

Mitsou’s says she didn’t sign any documents that allowed anyone to use her voice for advertising or trade purposes.

You can clearly hear Mitsou in the first 13 secs and when Jay-Z is rapping his part.



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