Meet the Cast: Vh1 Sorority Sisters

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Tonight is the night for the premiere of Vh1’s Sorority Sisters. The show will premiere at 9 pm, after the premiere of Love and Hip Hop NY (season 5).

Mona Scott Young and Vh1 were very subtle with the promotion for the show, (I’m assuming that was due to the backlash they received for even throwing the idea on the table). They have just released an extended trailer of the show and have also just created the show’s Instagram page.

From top to bottom: MeToya, Priyanka, Cat, Adrene, Veronica, Shanna, Lydia, April, and  Joy.

Adrene and April are both work in Fashion and run boutiques. Priyanka is working on a plus size show line. Lydia and Veronica are dancers. Cat is a photographer, Joy is a teacher/aspiring actor, and MeToya works for a clinical research organization. and

The show will take place in  Atlanta.


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