Lil Kim Calls K. Michelle a “Pathological Lying Psycho B*ch”

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Lil Kim took to Instagram yesterday to call K. Michelle out once again for lying about her (Kim) asking to be her daughter’s, Royal Reign, godmother. The first time Lil Kim spoke about this issue before on her interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club in September. Kim is sticking to her story of only having met K. Michelle once and taking a photo with her backstage. Kim said in her breakfast club interview that her and K. Michelle did text on a friendly tip because K. Michelle was a fan and Kim was being nice and well you know how all that goes.

It is unclear what prompted Kim to put up the post, but it may have to do with their mutual friend Paris Phillips, who is also a cast member on K. Michelle’s VH1 reality show, “K. Michelle: My Life.”

Apparently, K and Paris had a falling out over $50 dollars that Paris used on an app called Uber (gets you transportation, like taxis, and you can pay with the app). Paris admitted her wrongdoing and offered to pay K back. It’s unclear the status of their relationship, but shortly after Paris took a photo at Atlantic Records office (K. Michelle’s record label).

Both women are talented, and hopefully this issue will die down soon, but judging from K. Michelle’s response tweet she’s over the situation.



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