Floyd Mayweather Heard Earl Hayes and Stephanie Moseley Murder/Suicide

On December 8th, rapper and ‘The Money Team’ affiliate Earl Hayes, shot and killed his wife, dancer (Vh1’s Hit the Floor), Stephanie Moseley. Hayes then killed himself.

Hayes believed that Moseley was having an affair with an R&B singer, rumored to be Trey Songz.

TMZ, reported that Floyd Mayweather, was on FaceTime with Hayes at the time of the murder/suicide.

TMZ was correct and they also reported that: yesterday Floyd sat down with LAPD law enforcement for a two-hour interview. In the interview Floyd told police that he was on FaceTime with Hayes and Hayes walked away from the phone, went into the bathroom, and shot Moseley multiple times. Hayes then came back to the phone and continued to talk to Floyd and told him that he was going to kill himself.

Floyd pleaded with Hayes to not kill Stephanie and himself, but unfortunately his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Hayes called Floyd at 7 am and Floyd says it was because they were best friends and  Hayes wanted to say goodbye.

Side note: Hayes rapped about committing a murder suicide on his mixtape called “The First 48.” The song is called, “Suicide” and on the song he raps:

Shoot your girlfriend or when you get surrounded by cops.
F**k the real life shoot it out and do your time on the spot.

Make a family crying with your girl and their hearstses.
Take somebody with you who really didn’t deserve it.
Show everybody that life just ain’t perfect.
And when you get mad, it’s time to close curtains,
Cuz this song is for you.


RIP Stephanie Moseley and Earl Hayes


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