Chris Brown and Karrueche are Over again and Probably For Good!

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Well it’s clear to see due to instagram, videos and twitter post that the famous on & off couple Chris Brown and Karrueche have ended and I’m thinking this time it may be for good !

Due to a response Karrueche gave to someone she responded to on twitter. Karrueche had an instagram post explaining she has a past and made mistakes but does not deserve to be mistreated. Also states on twitter that “n*ggas get in their feelings when you break up with them.”

While Chris Brown decides to tell all to his followers on insta before deleting his post, that Karrueche knew what she was getting herself into and the lifestyle that came with him, including a statement on them having threesomes, then saying she only visited him once while in prison and was taking secret trips to Toronto and secret dates with rapper Drake !

This couple has definitely put their business out for the world to see, but we all know Chris brown doesn’t hold back anything when feeling offended. Maybe he spoke out through hurt or because Karrueche apparently broke up with him ? I guess now we all know the scars and drama that was really hidden behind Breezy and Karrueche .



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