Azealia Banks Expresses Feelings on the Eric Garner Verdict, Attacks Iggy Azalea

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Yesterday, Rapper Azealia Banks took to Twitter to air out her grievances with the Eric Garner verdict, and to also express her feelings on her rap nemesis, Iggy Azalea.

Banks was making a lot of sense in some of the things she was saying and things were going fine until she called out Iggy, or ‘Igloo’ as Banks called her.

Iggy fired back in a rather peaceful way, but the issue came in when Iggy said “We’ve all the read the script 49584068408540 billion times now, find a new game plan” and “In other words back to what actually applies to me…”

Some people found Iggy’s statements insensitive since she is a rapper and apart of the hip hop culture.

Iggy then came back and cleaned up her words by tweeting a link to a petition and encouraged people to take a productive route with their feelings about the Eric Garner case.



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