Did Rihanna Just Leak Information on a Kanye Tour!?

About a month or two ago Kanye announced that he would be dropping an album soon and that it will come as a surprise, similar to the release of Beyonce and Kid Cudi’s album last year.

Now it seems that Ye is prepping for a North American tour in 2015. Speculation came right after Rihanna tweeted about the Diamond Ball auction. Rihanna had tweeted a link to the auction which included a hefty supply of very expensive items. Among those items were Kanye West Tour Experience tickets going for $15,000. Proceeds will be going to the Ciara Lionel Foundation.

Here is what you’ll be receiving with the purchase of one of these tickets:

  • 2 VIP tickets to the show of your choice
  • A private Meet and Greet before the show
  • A pair of Yeezy’s in your size
  • Autographed tour memorabilia
  • Exclusive tour merchandise in your size

For those who are lucky enough to just have $15,000 laying around begging to be spent, this would be a awesome way to spend it.



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