Ray Rice wins appeal + Janay Rice defends Ray on the “Today Show”

The other day Ray Rice won his appeal and was officially reinstated into the NFL. He can now start to look for a place to play but what teams are willing to take a chance? Sources say four teams are already interested in the soon to be 28 year old running back.

Janay Rice appeared on the “Today Show” where she opened up about the incident and how life has been afterwards.

Janay starts off by stating her and her husband were both “high intoxicated”, and claims that Ray never hit her prior to the May 23rd altercation.

Janay’s mother Cindy Palmer was very sick when she seen the video and told Ray that she didn’t care who was at the elevator he shouldn’t have left her daughter out there like that.

Janay also expressed her feelings towards to way the NFL and fans reacted when the second video of Ray Rice striking her in the elevator was released. She said “I was so angry, hurt seeing the man I love, have everything ripped up from under him”.

To watch the full interview click on the link below:




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