GOP Staffer Says Obama’s Daughter Need to Show a Little Class

A republican Communications director and the DC GOP staffer, Elizabeth Lauten decided to take her opinions to Facebook about how she felt about President Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha after joining him in saving the life of a couple of turkey’s.

At the event of saving two turkeys the girls seemed a bit embarrassed and did some eye rolling due to their father talking about turkey’s and cracking corny jokes. Elizabeth felt the need to say something about these young girls actions and stated “dress like you deserve respect , not a spot at a bar” also she asked could they possibly “show a little class”. Lauten also comes for Obama and Michelle saying they don’t have much respect for their positions at the White House.

Was it really that big of a deal for you to judge two young ladies? , who I must say were well dressed for their age at the event

After all the criticism she takes it upon herself to apologize for her harsh words and explaining how she quickly judged them. There was clearly some meaning and feelings to everything she was saying. Was this a genuine apology or something for the press and the back lash she received? If I was Obama and Michelle I wouldn’t consider taking it kindly too fast.



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