Mac Miller signs to Warner Bros records + talks about working on new album

Mac Miller has just announced that he has signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Yes people! You heard it right, Mac has finally signed to a major label.

Mac has been independent his whole career and made history when his debut album “Blue Slide Park” reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts after he sold 148,915 units in his first week.

In a interview with, The Fader Magazine, he explains his decision for making the jump to a major label. Mac feels that what he did on a independent level was amazing, but thought it was time for him to experience a whole new world. He doesn’t want to just only exist on the internet he wants to take it further, and having the resources that a major label will provide for him is key to expanding.

The deal is reportedly worth $10 million USD and Mac also confirms that he is in the studio working on another album. The title nor the release date has been announced yet, but says it is time for him to hit the road and start touring again.


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