2 New Tracks Released from “Beyoncé” Platinum Edition

First let’s get into this look!

Beyoncé was spotted strolling through NYC in a very casual, but slightly flashy outfit. Bey rocks the bad girl look with the embroidered leather jacket , acid washed skinny jeans and what compliments the whole attire is Yonce’s 5 inch platform boots with the embroided furry hang bag. Queen Bey made something casual into something fashionable , I approve Bey.
Now on to the music:
“Beyoncé: Platinum Edition” will be released November 24 and it will feature six new songs, including the “Flawless Remix featuring Nicki Minaj.” The album will also feature two new songs called 7/11 and Ring Off which both now have snippets circulating around the internet.
Can I just say that Mother B is a marketing GENIUS! Peep the slurpee and now the snippet of “7/11” Bey and her marketing team YASSSSS!

I’m sure Slurpee machines are working overtime ever since Bey was spotted with the sweet & chilly beverage (looks like a yummy mix too!)

Listen to the snippets and tell us what you think:
Full Version of “7/11”
Snippet of “Ring Off”

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